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West Coast Editing 2005-2012
Light up your writing with West Coast Editing

Bill Arnott, author of Wonderful Magical Words That Work, thanks Jeanne for "her care and enthusiasm in editing this book and providing me with invaluable direction."

Franz Grueter, author of King Max of America, said that Jeanne's "intellectual, editorial, and emotional input brought this book to full bloom."

Joel Quass, author of Good Management Is Not Firefighting, said "On your website, you describe your services by saying that 'West Coast editing can transform your writing into clear prose that gets the message to your audience effectively and succinctly with positive results.' After working with you on my book Good Management Is Not Firefighting, I firmly believe that you have understated the impact you can have on an authorís manuscript. Your ability to take my message and help me see how to make it clearer to my audience was invaluable to the finished work. Your insights from how to lay out the chapters to cleaning up my grammar gave the final product a very professional look and feel."